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Propane Valves

Model: PV3310
Quick Disconnect Service Check Valve Connector PV33103/8 NPT Female Inlet x 1-1/4 ACME Male Outlet·         Quick disconnect coupling for the LPG cylinder ·         Automatically closes when disconnected...
Model: PV3300
Propane Tank Service Valve PV3300 LPGThis valve is designed for vapor or liquid withdrawal service on DOT fork lift containers and ASME containers. This valve is equipped with an excess flow limiter with different settings. Because this valve does not have an integrated pressure relief valve, it may..
Model: PV1001
PROPANE VAPOR TANK SERVICE VALVE PV1001 POL 100 LB GRILL HEATER LPG        DOT cylinder valve for vapor withdrawal up to 100 lb LPG capacity...
Model: PV3320
Fork Lift Cylinder Pressure Relief Valve PV3320Designed specifically for use as primary relief valve on fork lift cylinders...
Model: PV3004s
Propane Tank Service Valve PV3004S Steel 30Lb OPD Grill BbqThis Type 1 ACME valve is intended for 30 lb DOT cylinders. This valve has a vapor service outlet, relief valve, captive fixed liquid level gauge, and an overfill prevention device (OPD)...
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