Metric Copper Tubing Coils

Metric Copper Tubing Coils

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Measured and called by the OD like Refrigeration coils. These metric coils are Seamless drawn copper according to: DIN1785, DIN 1754, BS2871, BS EN 1057 & JIS H-33UU C122 DHP Copper.

Outside Diameter MM Wall MM        
4MM  0.6 MM        
6MM 0.8 MM        
8MM 0.8 MM        
10MM 0.8 MM      


12MM 0.8 MM        
14MM  1 MM        
16MM  1 MM        
18MM  1 MM        

Fittings, Valves and larger sizes metric tubing can be purchased by calling us at 336-285-5364, call for a quote today.

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