Orange Polyethylene  Pro-Tec™ coated copper tubing for oil

Orange Polyethylene Pro-Tec™ coated copper tubing for oil

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The Copper manufactured to the chemical, mechanical, cleanness and eddy-current test requirements specified in ASTM B280.  

ASTM B280 is the Standard Specification for Seamless Copper Tube for Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Field Service and is measured and called by the Outside Diameters. 

All of the specifications require a minimum copper plus silver content of 99.9% and phosphorus content between .015 - .040%. As indicated by the 
compositional requirements, the copper tube is essentially lead free. 

 Alloy C12200


The Polyethylene coating was designed to protect the enviroment with a innovated concept using special grooves between the coasting and the copper to assist with leak detection.  The continuous line markings on the coating indicates tube contents, ASTM specification, size and lot number which enable the tubing to be traced back to the origin of manufacture. Gas-Tec is flexible and easy to install with no additional training required.

  • Contains UV inhibitors
  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene LLDPE Extrusion Resin
  • Flexible , easy to join and compact


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